Handcrafted Christian jewelry made by blacksmith Joe Myers in Cleveland, NC

IronFish Keyrings Joe Myers, raised on a farm in the piedmont of North Carolina, grew up surrounded by tools and metal. As an adult, he apprenticed himself to a Master Blacksmith to learn the trade. One day during a creative moment of inspiration, Joe shaped two nails and welded them to form the sign of the fish.

Today, Joe and his wife, Bonnie, produce handcrafted items that include Ironfish® pendants, keyrings, cross pendants and Remembrance nails. One recently introduced item, "Pierced Ironfish®" is a specially designed piece combining the Ironfish® symbol pierced with a Remembrance nail. Its unique design is symbolic of how Jesus was pierced for all mankind.

Because of each product's design, no two Ironfish® products are exactly alike.