Handcrafted Christian jewelry made by blacksmith Joe Myers in Cleveland, NC
The Fish Symbol

Early Christians used the fish symbol as a way to identify themselves as believers during times of persecution. When two people met, one drew the upper arc in the dirt. The other, by drawing the bottom arc, completed the sign of the fish, identifying themselves as Christians also.

The Greek word for "fish" (ΙΧΘΥΣ) contains the initials of the names and titles of Christ:

Ι - Iasous = Jesus
Χ - Christos = Christ
Θ - Theos = God
Υ - Uios = Son
Σ - Soter = Savior

The IronFish®

Each Ironfish® is carefully crafted by forming cut nails and welding them together to fashion the sign of the fish. No two Ironfish® are exactly alike.

Available as key rings, pendants and pins, each Ironfish® comes packaged individually. Whether worn as jewelry or carried as your key ring, Ironfish® are sure to be a witness for others and will give you years of enjoyment.

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